Pérez Roura is longtime director of WAQI “Radio Mambí’, and collaborator of the Radio Martí for many years. His relationship with Radio Martí was unknown to the defense during trial.

Pérez Roura, a supporter of Fulgencio Batista, worked for him at the Presidential Palace as announcer. He went into exile from Cuba in 1969 and joined the terrorist group Alpha 66. He was correspondent for CORU, the organization headed by terrorist Orlando Bosch. After leaving Cuba, Pérez Roura had a directing position in WRYZ “Radio Centro,” acquired by the CIA to broadcast to Cuba.1

One of his WAQI programs, “Tome Nota,” is regularly reUbroadcast on Radio Martí.

On his Miami radio broadcasts, Pérez Roura is known for his extremist views, often advocating violence against anyone who favors dialogue or normal relations with Cuba.

We’ll cut Fidel’s head off... And we’ll settle accounts with those who have been in favor of dialogue with Castro’s regime.2

Perez Roura’s work with Radio Martí, while also espousing attacks against the Cuban Five on Miami’s most powerful radio station, made him an active U.S. government agent in helping condemn the Five in Miami before and during their trial. WAQI, with 24 hours programming and 50,000 watts, has readily made itself available whenever Radio/TV Martí calls.

Pírez Roura’s article, “Castro’s Spies,” appeared in Diario Las Américas on January 7, 2001, and typical of the author, is written in a threatening tone. It was published at a time during the trial — January and February — when the BTTR pilots’ deaths received highly emotional coverage.

I’ve said it a million times; one day, when the nightmare is over, the whole world will be shocked to learn that Castro spent hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain this gigantic apparatus responsible for crimes and other atrocities. This is why we should be paying attention to the trial against these spies, where just the tiniest part of what U.S. security agencies know is being revealed.

Those who up until now have championed their rights, will have to suffer confrontation with the law. ... The criminal downing of the Brothers to the Rescue airplanes, and the way in which they received a prize for the cowardly multiple murder, by being promoted, wounds the feelings of even the most heartless. For this as well, the murder of the boys over international waters must not remain unpunished.

Neither its mastermind, Fidel Castro, nor those who reported to the regime (as their superiors ordered) should remain unpunished.3

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