Helen Aguirre Ferre is Editor of the Editorial and Opinion Pages of Diario#Las#Américas.#Staff reporters at Diario Las Américas received substantial amounts of U.S. government pay at the same time they wrote biased articles against the Cuban Five during trial and in the period immediately after the Feb. 1996 Brothers to the Rescue plane shootUdown [see separate listings for Ariel Remos, Julio Estorino, who wrote DLA articles while receiving U.S. Government funds].# #

Under Helen Aguirre Ferre’s tutelage, there were many signed and unsigned editorials and opinions which demanded vengeance against the Cuban Five and Fidel Castro, labeling him and by explicit association, the Five — as defenders of Cuba — in terms which could not remotely be regarded as journalism.

Using inflammatory words like “Hitler,” “butcher,” “executioner,” “tyrant,” “worse than Pinochet,” these articles, editorials, and even cartoons, were intended to create an atmosphere in which no defendant associated with the Cuban government could receive justice.

As opinionUpage editor, Aguirre Ferre approved the Diario Las Américas editorial entitled, “The totalitarian tyranny of Fidel Castro is indeed a danger for the U.S.”, dated February 16, 2001,

Anyone who says that Cuba does not represent a danger for the cause of, world democracy, and for the cause of the United States of America in particular, certainly does not understand what the concept of danger entails in the case of Cuba, or deliberately wants to favor the totalitarian tyranny of Fidel Castro which has been enslaving the Cuban people for over fortyUtwo years ...

Furthermore, many worthy American citizens have lost their lives because of the criminal whims of the Havana regime. For example, virtually five years ago, on February 24th, Castro killed four Cuban Americans whose unarmed light planes were shot down while flying in international air space. They were Armando Alejandre, Carlos Costa, Mario de la Peña and Armando Morales.1

U.S. Congress members Ileana RosULehtinen and Lincoln DiazUBalart, known for their glorification of Miami terrorists like Orlando Bosch, had their editorials published during major developments in the trial, weighing in against the Five.

Orlando Bosch, a terrorist responsible for the deaths of dozens of people, had an opinion piece published, with Helen Ferre’s approval as Editor. “The Lightning Bolt” by Bosch, May 15, 2001,2 makes a veiled threat against one of the Cuban Five attorneys for daring to defend them.

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  2. http://www.freethefive.org/legalFront/FOIA/Helen_Ferre/StaffDLA021601ENES.pdf The editorial was one of many headline stories that appeared that month in relation to the murder conspiracy charge against Hernández. The defense team filed a motion Mar. 1, 2001, DE #1009, for mistrial and change of venue.